Youth Home building finally starting!

The construction works for the Youth Home started last April in Bacolod City. The first phase of this project includes the building of the dormitories and the sanitation facilities to accommodate the first 30 young beneficiaries. A windmill, which functions as a water pump run by the energy from the wind, will enable to provide drinkable water into the facilities. The solar panels to be used for the dormitories’ lighting have already been provided and the annex has also been built.

The construction of the administrative building and the building dedicated to the multi-purpose area and the dining hall should follow, along with the wetland system used for waste water management. The design of the facilities and equipments has been drafted in collaboration with a volunteer from HOST-NGO, Amélie A., consultant in renewable energies. Over her one-month mission in the Philippines last year, she conducted an on-field assessment and shared her feedback on how to enhance the use of natural resources while preserving the environment.

The City of Bacolod has planned a budget of PHP 3 Million (around €55,000) to fund the following phases. HOST-NGO supports the local authorities to search for public and private partners in order to ensure the construction of the whole Youth Home, and enable the operating of the center at the earliest.

Whether you are interested to help us finance or achieve this project, feel free to contact us and we will share with you the project’s specific needs: contact@host-ngo.org

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